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Great digital products find the intersection between business opportunity, technical feasibility and customer needs. We’ve learned how to ask the right questions at the right time to the right stakeholders. This allows us to have the insight to create a design plan that works for our client’s unique business and development teams.


Knowledge is speed. Most of our projects involve some type of research to understand your target user.  Knowing their current behavior and attitudes about your product space and their reaction to our prototypes will help speed up the road to adoption.


Launch specializes in interaction and visual UI design. We set lofty goals for all of our projects. Beyond looking “good”, we strive to create a positive response from our end-users: “That was fun!”, “It’s so easy”, “How did I get by without this?” You know that you’ve succeeded when random users send you emails professing that your app is “…my favorite app on my iPhone.”



Meet The Team

Who are these people anyways?

Frank Ramirez


Since starting Launch in 2004, Frank has led designs and teams including LinkedIn, eBay, Yahoo!, PayPal, NetApp and Stanford University. Startups partnered with Launch have been acquired by Disney, Walmart.com, Groupon and others. Frank was one of the founding board members of the IxDA.

Wanda Lam

Interface Designer

After graduating from SJSU’s acclaimed Graphic Design program in 2011, Wanda joined Launch design. Since then she has designed several successful products for ProQuest, Perfect Coffee and others.

Available Position

Interaction Designer

Interaction designers at Launch are expert visual communicators with a passion for solving problems from a user’s point of view. They work with PMs, Developers and Entrepreneurs to bring clarity and vision to product requirements. Sound like you? Drop us a line.

Available Position


We are looking for an extraordinary code wizard to help us bring ideas to life and let them loose on the world. If you’ve got the skills to build with iOS, PHP, Ruby on Rails and/or other web technologies, let’s talk.

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