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Collective Health

Collective Health hired Launch Design to visualize their v.1 health benefits mobile and desktop applications.

This product involved separate UI views for employees, HR administrators and executives.

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Intro App

Launch Design helped create a brand ID and onboarding design for social networking app, “Intro.”

See our Logo Design Sheet:
Intro Logo Design.pdf

Qplay App

The Qplay product team hired Launch to help redesign their social video iPad app.

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Lineup Apps

Lineup Baseball & Softball

The Launch team designed, developed and funded this iOS product for youth baseball & softball coaches. Launch managed a team of iOS developers in India for the implementation and release of the code.

This app helped coaches plan equitable and competitive playtime for their players with a simple drag & drop interface inspired by the “Clear” app.

Conviva Mobile

Launch worked with the Conviva product and engineering teams to develop a mobile dashboard and email suite.